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ArenaNet zeigt sich aktuell von einer kommunikativen Seite und die PvP-Entwickler möchten mit uns im offiziellen Forum über das Thema PvP diskutieren. Ben Phongluangtham hat uns in einem Beitrag mitgeteilt, dass sie ab Mittwoch Threads zu sechs Themen beginnen werden, in denen wir unsere Meinung kundtun können.

Die Entwickler werden die Beiträge lesen und auch auf einige Dinge eingehen. Die folgenden Themen sollen dabei behandelt werden:

  • Matchmaking/Ligen
  • Automatisierte Turniere
  • Belohnungen
  • Karten
  • Spielmodi
  • Verschiedenes

Hi folks!

On Wednesday, 12/6, the Guild Wars 2 PvP team will be having a community event. We’ll be posting a series of discussion topics that players can join to ask questions or share their comments. We plan to be active in the threads until the end of the week. Our responses won’t be instantaneous, but we will try to get to as many questions and comments as possible.

Our posts will cover the following topics:

  • Matchmaking/Leagues
  • Automated Tournaments
  • Rewards
  • Maps
  • Game Modes
  • Miscellaneous (Note: We may not respond to everything in this thread. There are some things we can’t discuss at this time.)

You’ll notice that skills and balance and player behavior are not included in the list of topics. As most of you are aware, the PvP team does not handle balance changes and we are not responsible for reviewing or responding to player conduct issues. As such, we cannot answer questions on these topics. You should continue to post your questions about skills and balance in the appropriate profession subforum, and you can direct any concerns you have about player conduct to our Customer Support Team.

We look forward to having a good and productive conversation with you starting Wednesday!


Alexander Leitsch war früher mal unser Chef. Inzwischen geht er dem Journalismus nichtmehr hier, sondern hauptberuflich nach. Ingame erreicht man ihn unter dem Accountnamen: Sputti.8214

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