Playing Nice and Exploits – Chris Cleary

Der letzte Tag vor dem Release von Heart of Thorns ist angebrochen und im Forum gibt es nochmal einige Beiträge von den Entwicklern und Mitarbeitern von ArenaNet. Den Anfang macht hierbei Game Security Lead Chris Cleary, der uns im Forum nochmal daran erinnert, dass wir auch im neuen Gebiet vernüftig miteinander umgehen sollen.

Dies gilt besonders für den Kartenchat, denn jeder geht das Addon anders an und jeder hat eine andere Geschwindigkeit. Guild Wars 2 ist aber bekannt für die angenehme Community und dies soll auch im neuen Maguuma-Dschungel so bleiben. Im zweiten Abschnitt geht es dann um das Thema Exploits.

Diese könnten nämlich zum Start von HoT durchaus vorhanden sein, sollten dann aber schnellstmöglich gemeldet werden. Die Erklärung zu dem Fehler sollt ihr am besten zusammen mit Bildern oder Videos an diese Email schicken: exploits@arena.net.


Hey everyone! Just letting you know, in case you weren’t aware, Heart of Thorns is launching soon! With any new expansion there are bound to be a couple of things that are inevitably going to happen when the floodgates open.

Playing Nice

Guild Wars 2 has the best community, it is known. Let’s keep it that way!
While everyone plays a little bit differently, keep in mind that you aren’t the only one out there. Keeping your chat and actions friendly allows everyone to have a great experience when playing together.
I just want to remind everyone that we will be monitoring for players that are causing issues for others. If you feel someone is stepping over the line, the report function in-game is the best tool at your disposal (right click the chat/player selection and select Report).

The last thing that we want to do is to have to put some people into timeout because they are making the game not enjoyable for others, but we will.


Let’s talk about exploits. Exploits can be described as the abuse of a bug or unintended game design to gain an advantage over other players. For example, maybe that vendor is selling items for 1/100th of their sell value, or perhaps an escort event spawns an infinite number of instantly respawning loot piñatas when you cause the NPC to get stuck.
Exploits are bad news for everyone, and while we hope there won’t be any…ok I’ll just go with that.

We have a team ready to investigate issues and monitor activity, but our players our greatest asset when it comes to keeping Tyria a fair place.
If you happen to run across an exploit (or even if you think something may be an exploit) please don’t hesitate to send an email to exploits@arena.net. Feel free to send us your screenshots/videos/selfies/essays/poems if you believe you have found an exploit in the game!


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