Entwickler-Tracker: Erhöhung des Maximums an Dekorationen

In jeder Gildenhalle kann man nur eine bestimmte Anzahl an Dekorationen setzen. Dieses Maximum liegt aktuell bei 1.000 Stück, doch dies wird sich mit dem kommenden Patch verändern. Gaile Gray hat dazu einen Beitrag im offiziellen Forum verfasst. In diesem bestätigt sie, dass man zukünftig 2.000, also die doppelte Anzahl an Dekorationen platzieren können wird.

Trotzdem gilt weiterhin die Beschränkung, dass man nicht mehr als 20 Dekorationen in einem Radius von 500 setzen kann. Es wird zudem darauf hingewiesen, dass man nicht zu viele Dekorationen in einen Bereich der Gildenhalle stellen sollte, da es ansonsten zu Performance-Problemen kommen könnte.


A message from the Guilds Team:

We are happy to announce that we have made a number of performance improvements to the guild decoration system and will be raising the decoration cap in the guild hall from 1000 decorations to 2000 decorations in the July 26 release! As you may know, this has been a long-standing goal, and we’re delighted to be able to make the increase at this time.

While a majority of players will enjoy the higher cap with no issue, there will be some impact on those who play on computers at the minimum specifications for Guild Wars 2. To avoid issues, we will continue to limit the number of decorations that may be placed close to one another in a specific allotment of space to 20 decorations within a radius of 500. To give that an in-game point of reference, the effect radius of a warrior shout is 600, so a guild could place 20 decorations in a space slightly smaller than the area of that skill effect. But even with that protection in place, some players could experience performance issues. Thus we wanted to offer a couple suggestions for guilds that may have members who play on min-spec machines but who wish to place an increased number of decorations in their guild hall.

  • Consider spacing decorations with animations or interact options around your hall. Avoiding clusters of such objects will reduce the impact of the particles being produced.
  • Try to avoid placing a majority of your decorations in one general area of the map. For example, Lost Precipice’s Arena can be pretty fun to decorate because it has a lot of open space and dramatic archways. If a decorator places a majority of a guild’s decorations in and around the arena to fill it, performance will drop whenever a player’s camera turns in that general area. Consider finding ways to spread out the decorations so the area still looks full without putting quite so many into that single area.
  • Suggest members on min-spec computers use the “Best Performance” option from the Settings Preset dropdown in their graphic options [F11, 2nd Tab]. This will lower or disable some of the settings that may otherwise lower performance in favor of appearance.

Happy decorating!


Alexander Leitsch war früher mal unser Chef. Inzwischen geht er dem Journalismus nichtmehr hier, sondern hauptberuflich nach. Ingame erreicht man ihn unter dem Accountnamen: Sputti.8214

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