Entwickler-Tracker: Ergänzungen zum Materiallager – Update

Update: Im offiziellen Forum hat sich Linsey Murdock einigen Fragen der Community zum Thema Materiallager gestellt. So hat sie unter anderem im voraus auch schon für kommende Materialien im Lager geplant, da es am Ende ein Maximum an Materialien gibt, die überhaupt im lager platz finden könnten. Sie bestätigt außerdem, dass die Medaillons, Talismane und Co. nicht im Lager landen werden, da es auf jeder Stufe fünf Stück von ihnen gibt.

Sie hat außerdem nochmal erklärt, dass sie die Dateien zwischenzeitlich nur bei sich lokal gespeichert hat, dass nicht stackbare Gegenstände wohl auch in Zukunft nicht stackbar werden und das ein Schlüsselring zwar eine gute Idee wäre, diese Idee aber wohl so schnell nicht umgesetzt wird.

Hier findet ihr außerdem nochmal die komplette Liste an Gegenständen von uns auf deutsch übersetzt.

Zukünftige Materialien:

Part of this project for me was determining a total budget and breaking it down into chunks for future use in addition to this phase of additions. So, I budgeted about 100 items to add now with separate budgets for all future projects. Now, I am clearly over budget here but it isn’t looking like the expansion will use their full budget and it is unlikely that Season 4 will use its entire budget as well, so I am borrowing a bit. Regardless, I believe that we have enough space to be able to add these kinds of materials to material storage as we release them moving forward.


A key ring is NOT “coming soon”, please manage your expectations. I have indicated that I would prefer to address keys through a key ring, however, I have NOT found anyone to do that work and it can’t be me personally. Considering that, a key ring is currently in indefinite limbo until I can find someone willing to take it on as a side project.

Medaillons und Talismane

You probably don’t realize it but you just made an excellent case for them to NOT go into storage. That said, I will consider the level 80 Crests since they go into Amalgamated Gemstones, but I have almost zero desire to put all 25 into storage.

Verlust der Daten

The problem was that I did not check it into our file share or save it on the network. It was ONLY on my local machine. LIFE LESSON LEARNED.

Stackbare Gegenstände

Very VERY hard. Like, never going to happen, hard.

Unendliches Stacking anstatt 250

No. A thousand times to the ends of eternity, no.

News 10. Juni: Schon seit langer Zeit wünschen sich die Spieler, dass einige weitere Materialien in der Bank in den entsprechenden Bereich mit einem Klick eingelagert werden sollten. Heute in den frühen Morgenstunden hat ArenaNet im Forum einen Post zum Materiallager veröffentlicht. Mit eingelagert werden bald die folgenden Dinge:

  • Insgesamt 125 neue Gegenstände in drei Kategorien
  • Alle Stoff-Flicken
  • Alle Holz-Dübel
  • Klingenscherben
  • Funkelnder Kristall
  • Dunkler Kristall
  • Die Materialien von Myiani (Blutsteinscherbe, Elonischer Wein, Steine der Weisen etc.)
  • Unidentifizierte Insekten
  • Zurückeroberte Metallplatten
  • +1 Qualinfusionen
  • Visionskristalle
  • Verschmolzene Edelsteine
  • Alle Dublonen
  • Einige Koch-Inhalte
  • Schreiber-Material

Ok folks, here is where we are at with this material storage side project that I originally outlined here:

1. Determine need for side project
2. Work with programming to investigate the backend and define limitations
3. Ask for suggestions from playerbase <- LAST TIME WE TALKED
4. Collate suggestions from all sources
5. Refine data to determine popularity of suggestions
6. Refine list to remove suggestions that are impossibilities for whatever reason
7. Research every suggestion to fully understand their use cases
8. Meet with experts to better understand the needs of their area of the game (WvW, Fractals, Scribes, SAB)
9. Refine data list to remove suggestions that are unfavorable for whatever reason
10. Discuss and plan alternative solutions to suggestions that are unfavorable but could be addressed in another way
11. Assign Materials to specific material storage collections
12. Experience data loss, resetting progress back to step 7, thus undoing all the hard parts I just did
13. Experience crushing demoralization and wallow in sadness for days while numerous people try to help recover work. This is why you should never save your docs locally and nowhere else.
14. Acceptance of lost data and thorough avoidance of redoing work while advancing through stages of grief
15. Put on big girl pants and redo steps 7-11
16. Document proposed changes
17. Present final list to design team for last minute objections and additions
18. Present final list to playerbase for last minute discussion and final appeals <- WE ARE HERE
19. Adjust design as needed.
20. DO THE WORK <- the easy part

“Yeah yeah yeah, lady, but WHAT’S ON THE LIST!?”

Common Crafting Materials
Milling Basins

Core Refinements (new)
Jute Patch
Wool Patch
Cotton Patch
Linen Patch
Silk Patch
Gossamer Patch
Damask Patch
Jeweled Damask Patch
Green Wood Dowel
Soft Wood Dowel
Seasoned Wood Dowel
Hard Wood Dowel
Elder Wood Dowel
Ancient Wood Dowel
Spiritwood Dowel
Bronze Plated Dowel
Iron Plated Dowel
Steel Plated Dowel
Darksteel Plated Dowel
Mithril Plated Dowel
Orichalcum Plated Dowel
Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel
Jeweled Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel

Fine Crafting Materials
Blade Shards
Shimmering Crystals
Tenebrous Crystals

Rare Crafting Materials
Bloodstone Shard
Elonian Wine
Brick of Clay
Chak Eggs
Eldritch Scoll
Fractal Research Pages
Icy Runestone
Legendary Insights
Mystic Binding Agents
Mystic Crystals
Mystic Forge Stone
Philosopher Stones
Reclaimed Metal Plates
Unid Fossilized Insect

Ascended Materials
+1 Agony Infusion
Anthology of Heroes
Augur’s Stones
Lesser Vision Crystal
Vision Crystal
Mystic Runestone

Gemstones and Jewels
Amalgamated Gemstones
Copper Doubloon
Gold Doubloon
Platinum Doubloon
Silver Doubloon

Cooking Staples (new)
Baker’s Dry Ingredients
Baker’s Wet Ingredients
Cookie Dough
Simple Dressing
Candy Corn glaze
Cream Soup Base
Ice cream base
Poultry Stock
Meat Stock
Vegetable Stock
Staple Soup Vegetables
Tomato Sauce
Loaf of Bread
Salt and Pepper
Simple Stew Herbs
Stirfry Spice Mix
Pumpkin Pie Spice

Scribing Materials (new)
Crystalline Bottles
Lump of Glass
Linen Supply Sack
Green Wood Pulp
Soft Wood Pulp
Seasoned Wood Pulp
Hard Wood Pulp
Elder Wood Pulp
Ancient Wood Pulp
Copper Nib
Silver Nib
Gold Nib
Platinum Nib
Mithril Nib
Orichalcum Nib
Glittering Blotting Powder
Shimmering Blotting Powder
Radiant Blotting Powder
Luminous Blotting Powder
Incandescent Blotting Powder
Crystalline Blotting Powder
Coarse Paper
Rough Paper
Fine Paper
Smooth Paper
Quality Paper
Premium Paper
Extra Coarse Sandpaper
Coarse Sandpaper
Medium Sandpaper
Fine Sandpaper
Superfine Sandpaper
Ultrafine Sandpaper
Simple Scribing Kit
Basic Scribing Kit
Fine Scribing Kit
Journeyman’s Scribing Kit
Master Scribing Kit
Grandmaster Scribing Kit
Simple Finishing Kit
Basic Finishing Kit
Fine Finishing Kit
Journeyman’s Finishing Kit
Master’s Finishing Kit
Grandmaster Finishing Kit
Badges of Tribute
Coarse Book Cover
Rough Book Cover
Fine Book Cover
Smooth Book Cover
Quality Book Cover
Premium Book Cover
Wood Glue

That’s 125 items and 3 new categories (I’ll also be changing some category names and item rarities to better fit). More than I should do from a pure numbers standpoint, so if you are going to try making a case for adding anything else to this fairly exhaustive list than you should know it will be an uphill climb. I’ll hear you out, but know I will be a hard sell. If anything, I am looking for cuts to this list, not adds. We’ve spent a ton of time thinking this through. I’ll post some notes on those choices in a reply post since the forums are telling me this is too long.

I’ll personally be paying attention to discussion here and on The Inevitable Reddit Thread™ for the next week. I’ll be finalizing the list in the following week and finding the time to DO THE WORK after that. When it comes to timeline, I normally say “no promises!” but in this case, I promise that I refuse to let this go a whole year since my original post without shipping.

Dazu gab es auch noch weitere Anmerkungen. Einige Gegenstände werden ihren Weg wohl niemals in das Material-Lager schaffen. Dazu zählen Blaupausen, SAB-Items, Sigille und Runen und Booster.


Here are some notes on how we chose what:
• No “components” has been my go to up til now but you will notice there are a bunch of things here that might be called “component”. The ways I softened but did not eliminate this rule is two fold: 1) allow a second tier of refinement like dowels and patches which are used cross discipline, 2) allow a number of scribing and cooking components that feel very core to the disciple and are used over and over throughout but did not have OTHER components in their ingredients which are also being added to storage (eg no herbed stocks because base stocks go in).
• No Inscriptions and Insignias. I just felt that there were too many and there were more important things that crafters were more likely to be holding on to for longer.
• No sigils and runes. I believe there are WAY better solutions to this problem.
• No legendary gifts. Too many. Too niche.
• No Piles of Silky Sand. Just consume them, geez.
• No SAB Baubles and Bubble Baubles. I spoke with the SAB designers and this is a technical limitation with how that stuff all works in SAB.
• No WvW Blueprints. I spoke with the WvW designers and they felt that this would create a bad user experience for players who legit use blueprints.
• No Black Lion stuff. There is a combination of technical issues and a lack of desire for those to work that way.
• No Boosters, Tonics, Foods (general food consumables not the core cooking ingredients), utility buff, and potions. Just no. Seriously. There are way too many and there is a whole host of reasons why you just get a no.
• No Instant Repair Canisters, Bank Access Express, Trading Post Express, Merchant Express, Revive Orb. Please just use these.



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      1. Danke für die Übersetzung 🙂

        Aber macht doch oben im Einleitungssatz noch etwas deutlicher, dass das noch in Planung ist und noch nicht umgesetzt. Also z.B. statt „Mit eingelagert werden die folgenden Dinge“ dann „Geplant ist, folgende Dinge miteinlagern zu können“ oder so

    1. Wir fügen diese bestimmt noch ein  🙂 Wie oben schon gesagt waren wir alle gestern auf dem Foostival und die meisten sind noch auf dem Heimweg & co. Der „normale“ Alltag wird erst im laufe des Tages einkehren. Danke aber schon mal für deine Mühen!

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